About us

Ambient Media is a Value Added Reseller for the audiovisual sector. Its members and collaborators are professionals from various branches of information technology, like design, music, webcasting, cinematography and photography, ICT programming and facilities for audiovisual rooms.

Present in the market since 2001, We cover the Iberian territory through a reseller channel of more than 200 System Integrators, independent engineering firms and professionals.

In 2014 we expanded our scope to cover more territory in Europe and Latin America, while we began offering support in environments that require specific programming knowledge, the specialized software.

"It's not about technology, but the solution ".

Our business is divided into the distribution of multimedia products for Broadcast and ProAV environments, which we represent more than 30 manufacturers; technical and commercial support pre and after-sales; and supplementary services.

Our philosophy focuses on:

    • Quick response
    • good documentation
    • Make choices simple over the complex
    • Generosity with our knowledge and humility before our ignorance.

For more information, call to +34 91 849 9159 or write to: info@ambientmedia.es

"One day you do not learn anything is a day wasted"