We represent manufacturers of hardware and software working in the audiovisual sector, chosen for reliability, versatility and ease of use in performing complex tasks.

More of 14 years of trade relations with some of our brands supports our long-term vision, while our technical skills are maintained on both a changing world. Certainly, our journey as a distributor has followed the industry itself ProAV.

Distribution 2 We started with video capture for streaming over the Internet, then over mobile networks. add coding, transcoding, recording, servers and storage media. As digital audiovisual has progressed since its inception in Broadcast to the company, we have incorporated digital asset management and marketing systems by cartelería.

The plethora of systems had to talk to each other has led us to add components such as converters, climbers, amplifiers, extenders and matrices.
And now we come to the era of Big Data and Cloud, where those who monitor multiple sources of dynamic information, They need them anytime sometimes from a control room and other times from a mobile device.

We are also feeling the rise of the unified communications and collaborative work, As the experts in various subjects I are part of a geographically distributed team.

But always we look for a brand to distribute think about the needs of our customers rather than the technology itself. It is the brand solvent? How reliable products? They are easy to use and maintain? Would you help our customer save, or win? Responds quickly to the manufacturer doubt or technical failure? The answers to such questions have allowed our return ratio is less than the 0,5%. That's good for us and good for our customers.