About Us

Ambient Media is a leading communications technology supplier based in Madrid, Spain. Active in the marketplace since 2001, we cover diverse audiovisual needs in EMEA and LATAM via a reseller channel of more than 200 entities, including Systems integrators, VARs and specialist independent professionals.

“It’s not about the technology, it’s about the solution”.

Our business is divided into three broad segments: multimedia solutions for Broadcast and ProAV, an area in which we represent over 25 brands; design and implementation of bespoke solutions; technical support and complementary services.

Our work ethic is based on:

    • Quick response to requirements
    • Good documentation
    • Choosing simple alternatives over complex ones
    • Generosity with our knowledge and humility in our ignorance.

For more information, call +34 91 849 9159 or contact us by email at: info@ambientmedia.es.

“The day we don’t learn something new is a wasted day”

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