Datapath WallContol 10 for Milestone XProtect

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Video walls are becoming a must-have feature of modern security installations and are being used to present a wider number of sources to operational teams. Using video walls allow IP and CCTV feeds to be put on a larger surface with the inclusion of locally captured inputs, browser windows and local media ensuring that critical information is available to the wider team. 


Datapath’s WallControl 10 integration, designed for security and surveillance suites, allows users of Milestone’s XProtect to directly control and manage the video wall from within the XProtect interface. 



Having a single all-in-one solution is critical to the smooth operation of security suites. This allows operators to maintain their focus at all times without worrying about dealing with more software applications than is necessary. 



Main Features



WallControl 10 for XProtect utilises an innovative zonal system. For each video wall, a number of zones can be defined. Each of these zones can be pre-programmed in advance.


Zones are not restricted by physical screen boundaries and therefore, can be configured within single screens, and across multiple screens.



Display any camera feed from within the operator view and send them to the video wall



Select the ‘Track My View’ option to send the cameras from an operator’s view automatically to the video wall, without the need for the operator to share each time



Extract only the camera you want from a carousel loop to display onto the video wall



Deploy saved layout files or create new layout files at the touch of a button



Prioritise video wall zones by assigning different management levels to users

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