Quienes somos 1As a Value-Added Distributor, Ambient Media offers support not only to its clients, who are mostly systems integrators or resellers, but also indirectly to the end user. This support is both commercial (pre-sales) and technical (after-sales).

In order to give the best of ourselves we always try to adopt a holistic vision of the project at hand. We believe that this philosophy, based on business principles as well as being technology driven, allow us to design clear, concise and scalable solutions. A large part of our initial support is based more on questions than on answers. Listening is 80%, speaking only 20%.

For customized projects, which possibly have no precedent, we find that good documentation is the best wayfinder, and help our integrators create the correct texts to show their customers.

Our relationships, with the manufacturers we represent, are equally as deep in the commercial department as they are in the technical.

It is fundamental for us to be able to speak directly with a subject matter expert so that we can pass on relevant information to our customer, as quickly as possible. Open and fluid communications is one of our strong points, since we cannot know beforehand all the possibilities of the more than 2000 products we sell. Our ability to talk to vendors natively in English clears up a lot of misconceptions and helps us cut to the chase very quickly.

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