New Wowza 4.2 Out Now

The new ActiveConnect cables require no additional power and measure just 7mm in diameter. They are designed to provide a direct connection from any graphics card, including the Datapath ImageDP4, to either DisplayPort or HDMI monitors or from media players to Datapath’s HDMI or DisplayPort capture cards.

Along with the absence of additional power requirements a further USP is the transmission of full 4k signals at 60 fps to suit all high resolution applications. Each cable is HDCP compliant, allowing for protected sources to be carried within the Datapath system. In addition, the cables are Plenum-rated, ensuring they can be installed safely into building cavities such as walls, floors or ceilings.

ActiveConnect cables are available with either DisplayPort1.2 or HDMI2.0 connectors. The DisplayPort is available in 25, 50 and 100 metre lengths, with the HDMI currently available in 25 and 50 metres, with 100m coming soon. The larger sizes are shipped on spindles for ease of deployment.