We help our customers and partners to make the right decision in the design and implement their projects, as well as providing technical support and after-sales.

As a Value Added Reseller, Ambient Media has to support not only their customers, mostly resellers or system integrators, but indirectly to customers of its customers, ie the end user. This support is both technical and commercial, and not only but also after-sales presale.

In order to give the best of us we try to take a holistic view of the project in question. We believe that this philosophy, based on both aspects of business and technology use, It allows us to reach clear solutions, concise and scalable face the future. Much of the initial support we offer focuses more on questions than answers. Listening is the 80%, speak only 20%.

In more complex projects that may not have precedent, good documentation as part of good design and architecture, allows all parties know at any time exactly what the problems are treated.

Our relationships with manufacturers whose solutions are distributed equally intimate with the technical departments and the commercial departments.

It is essential for us to speak directly with an expert on the subject to be treated, in order to transfer the information received to our customer as soon as possible. This fluidity of communication is one of our strengths, since we can not know in advance all facets of the nearly 2000 products we sell.

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